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>> 680, traffic is pretty light. you can see the headlights are headed in the southbound direction. we are looking northbound through the san ramon valley, and just a minor delay with folks paying cash left hand lane moving into san francisco. in san jose the debris is in southbound 280 with a truck losing the load causing flat tires and the truck is leading a fluid, and c.h.p. will do a traffic break to get that cloned -- cleaned up. the longer that is there the more delays you will see. bart and muni are on time and a train number one is ten minutes behind out of pleasanton. >> developing news in the senator of a home for the remains of kevin collins the ten-year-old boy who was kidnapped 29 years ago in san francisco. abc7 broke the story of the search on abc7 at 4:00
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yesterday. bones were discovered borrowried beneath a basement floor of a home. it is likely they are from an an an -- from an animal but final testing has to be done. amy will have a live report with more in 30 minutes on that story. >> testing is underway for the golden gate bridge new electronic toll system. our news reporter cornell bernard joins us with what to expect drivers out there. cornell? >> eric, starting today there is in such thing as toll evadeers on the golden gate bridge, everyone from now on is now known as customers. the first step in the change to all electronic tolling, no more toll takers, the conversation could happen in march, but this morning, the system is going live in a test mode to work problems out. drivers will not notice anything different but folks who do not
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have a fast track trans ponder have several ways to pay the toll. >> we have a new system called the toll invoice. if you do not have an account and do not get a license plate account or do not make a one time payment because you do not know what to do you get an voice with no penalty and no added fee, it is easy, so don't worry. we will find you. if you do not want to wait for then voice in the mail register the license plate with the bridge district and you can pay at some gas stations in san francisco kiosks will be set up. the change could save the district $13 million over eight years. to eliminate any confusion a large sign is mounted on top of the tollbooth with a message "keep moving." they do not want anyone stopping in the next few months when the change over happens. we will see if that works. live on the golden gate bridge.
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>> thank you. let's go niners, today in new orleans, the harbaughs come face-to-face with the media and talk about what it is like to have two sons coaching in football's big of the game. for more today in the big easy and history of the city we go live to abc7 news reporter, katie marzullo, at the super dorm where it looks to be getting dark. >> the sky, kristen, just got darker, which is a little spooky which makes me glad i am at the superdome and not at the subject of the story you are about to see. we are talking about cemeteries in new orleans. they are above ground. they are abandoned, or haunted and historic, but they are the real deal, cemeteries where people are still being buried. i met with a tour guide born and raised here. he knows the history of it with a details report of what happens inside the cemetery.
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>> these things are bunk beds. >> it is like a cozy wait to spend eternal. >> you would put the first person who dies on the top bunk. the second person who dies below on the bottom. >> what happens when a third family member passes away? if grandparent is on the top cooking here the longest you need to get rid of him so you on the tomb and push him in the cave or closet in the back or bottom and you push the new person inside and the process continues. that is how we still bury people in the above ground cemeteries in new orleans today. >> it dates to 1788 after a lot of trial and gruesome error. this is the best practice. there is no need to feel bad. >> we don't bury people in secret. when we bury someone we have a big parade through the city and other people join along with that. it is a party but it is a celebration of the person's
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life. >> in the nearby park this is an enormous oak are the "tree life." some believe it is 500 years but the truth is a secret buried deep in its root. >> another thing that is interesting of the cemetery is back in the day, families would spend the day after halloween visiting their family tomb, whitewashing it by hand, and it was a good opportunity for children to ask their parents about relatives, reads the names on the side of the crypt, and get kind of a life lesson. if you would like a weather lesson, right now the rain has just started falling in new orleans and the sky is darkened and ice cold wind has opened up and swept across us. i will leader the expertise to mike but tweet you a picture of what we're looking at here. >> thank you, katie. turn to abc7 news after the game
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on sunday and our team in new orleans and in the bay area will be live on the air, with live coverage of how niner fans are reacting here and in the big easy. >> katie was right, traffic and weather, together, next on the abc7 morning news. rain where she is, but, here it is not raining at all, that is interstate 680 the tail lights headed southbound, moving right along. sue is following traffic with the full accweather forecast. >> we dough inside the brazilian nightclub where flames left 200 people dead. the video showing the charred ruins and what t ♪
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>> 6:10. those that are headed to the super bowl, the transition there, to cooler and dry weather is taking place as katie mentioned. they have a strong storm headed their way. an hour ago it was 74 with 85 percent humidity. now they are down to 61 degrees. humidity is still up but the winds have moved to the northwest at 9 miles per hour so the storm is moving through. thursday is the coolest day at 57 for a high. friday the dry air and sun gets you to 62 and mid-to-upper 60's for saturday and super bowl sunday. now traffic. sue? >> the traffic camera in pleasanton at 580, the headlights headed westbound are busy. eastbound 580 first report of an accident.
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we will get do that in livermore in a second. the toll plaza first, for metering lights are on with traffic stacked to the overcrossing. then sluggish on the incline into san francisco. eastbound 580, this is the accident i was talking about with scars cleared to the shoulder and fortunately it is the reverse commute but slow track is heavy out of the central valley and over the altamont pass into dublin interchange and the debris has been cleared at san jose after cars have been getting flat tires from the debris. >> new video in the abc7 showing the inside of the brazilian nightclub where 230 people died over the weekend. people released this video shot inside the charred ruins of the nightclub. above you can see what appears to be insulation hanging from the ceiling.
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that insulation likely caught fire and spread the flames sparked by pyrotechnics. the cluck had no springers and no emergency exits. >> in degree needed? which college graduates are landing degrees that make their -- landing jobs that make their degrees worthness. >> hillary clinton ons up to abc about her return to private life. her what she says she has planned
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>> fremont, palo alto, north bay and all the bay area, this is abc7 news.
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>> good morning. here is the water vapor: you can see the green and the blue where we have high clouds from yesterday gone. high pressure is taking over so we will have a lot of sunshine and warming trend. it is wednesday. it starts. we have 60 in san francisco at half moon bay and richmond and 64 in napa, and 63 in concord and oakland, and san jose and palo alto. moving forward we have a lot of sunshine and low-to-mid 60's and a few upper 60's are possible thursday, friday, and saturday. kristen? >> trading resume on wall street in 15 minutes at 6:30 and today is the day that the dow goes over the 14,000 mark for the first time since the start of the great recession. the dow closed up 72 points yesterday to 13,954, the tightest close since five years ago. strong earnings from pfizer and amazon are fueling the surge. stay with abc morning news coming up at 6:45 and we will go
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do bloomberg's jane king to see how the dow is doing this morning. >> toyota is recalling more than a million cars in the united states because of faulty airbags and front wipers. the recall affects corollas and matrix crossovers made between 2003 and 2004 and says the airbags in the car could have faulty circuit boards and could inflate unexpectedly. the faulty front wipers recall includes lexus and also new, president obama is only a week into the second term and a new washington post/abc news poll shows he is enjoying a post inaugural bounce. this poll shows 60 percent of americans have a favorable view of president obama compared to before the election on october 20, when only 56 percent had a
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favorable view. last time the president had numbers in the 60's was in november of 2009. >> hillary clinton is expected to leave the state department on friday. in a new interview with abc, she is dismissing any plans for a future white house run. >> she was asked if you can say there is no way you will consider running for president and she says she dismisses it and says she wants a normal life again. for more on the interview with secretary clinton, tune in to "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. >> she wanted to sleep again. we can all feel that one. >> now a look at the weather forecast. >> sleep without the heater tonight. >> it would be night to save some money been running the
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heater more than normal. it is dry and clear. good morning, everyone, we are looking from the roof camera to the port of oakland with clear air. that is the key. a lot more sunshine. because of the lacked cloud cover it will not be so pretty as sunrise but we will have nice shots on facebook for you. now, a look at live doppler 7 hd shows the last three hours you can see the offshore wind developing, and notice the clouds moving from northeast to southwest and that is the dry air moving in and that is the warmer air coming in and here are the temperatures, just updated these temperatures, upper 30's around santa rosa and novato and fairfield and concord and everyone else in the low-to-mid 40's, and san francisco is 47, and 48 at half moon bay and antioch and liver mother at -- livermore at 49 degrees and the temperatures there are steady.
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>> now, our three highlights of the forecast: more sunshine and the warm the comes in, today. clean air, no "spare the air" days possibly through the weekend even with the remain withing trend unlike the last warming friend. unsettled and cooler weather next week and a couple of chances of rain. they are not great but we have a couple. san francisco is a degree warmer than average, and redwood city and san jose at two and than pa and oakland at four, and livermore six degrees warmer than average at 63. the low in utah, with a ridge pushing the storm further to the east and this strong block will keep us dry and cloud free push the thin clouds away from us and it will be brighter than yesterday. low-to-mid 60's around the bay today, and even inland, and low-to-mid 60's around the monterey bay and inland. we see how long the seven-day
6:19 am
outlook will keep the warm weather going and we will have low-to-mid 60's through monday and a few upper 60's are possible and you can see the cooler weather with the first chance of rain on tuesday. have a great day the sue? >> back to livermore, eastbound, 580, multi-vehicle accident, resulting in a car fire, cleared to the shoulder and now emergency crews are on the scene and blocking the left lane eastbound before greenville and rubberneckers causing the westbound direction to slow, and already slow beyond the livermore area or through the livermore area but, now, even more so because of the accident in the eastbound direction. elsewhere, we have a train delay ten minutes out of the -- toward the great america stop still running ten minutes behind but no other mass transit delays at this hour and that is a good way do go. and san rafael is getting busy beyond the marin ymca and looking good all the way do the golden gate bridge through marin
6:20 am
county and bunching up on 80 east shore freeway where 580 merges and you will find slow traffic moving into the berkeley area. and it picks up when you get to the bay bridge, metering lights are on and traffic is stacked there behind the toll plaza, to walnut creek you can see the brake lights toward highway 24 is slow but not so bad out of pleasant hill as you make your way through concord and the walnut creek area. good shot from walnut creek. kristen and eric? >> our super bowl week coverage continues, live from the big easy, next, abc7 catches up with niners c.e.o. for his thoughts on the big game. >> first, over educated and under 'em -- under employed, college graduates working
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>> we are back. coming at 6:25 and looking at live doppler 7 hd. the radar returns are few and far between with the storm toward salt lake city where they are receiving fresh powder. we would rather stay at home to ski but that is the best place for french powder. 50 in lake tahoe. upper 60's to 70 down in
6:24 am
southern california. safe travels. >> new numbers show college graduates are overeducated for their jobs. "los angeles times" reports that 48 percent of student whose graduated from college in 2010 are in positions that do not require a bachelor's degree and 38 percent are in positions that do not even require a high school diploma. this is from the center for college affordability and productivity including students bucking the trend are those that graduated from highly ranked private schools and those who majored in engineering and economics. >> apple is getting government protection against copycats with the trademark office granting them a trademark for the retail store design with a clear glass door front and large rectangles over the top. the company applied for the trademark unsuccessfully twice before a third try was the
6:25 am
charm. the ultimate event for apple is about to begin in san francisco, the world conference starts tomorrow in the mascone center. it is popular but apple stopped participating in 2009 when steve jobs' health took a turn for the worse. the conference this year is expected to open with an appearance by ashton kutcher would plays the late apple co-founder in an upcoming film. >> in alabama the hostage situation involving a six-year old boy held in a bunker with the latest ahead. >> he attended the first super bowl when he was eight years old, ahead, niners c.e.o. tells abc7 what it is like to be back at big game. >> san francisco police found a set of bones in the haight-ashbury while investigating an almost 30-year-old missing persons case. did they solve the case? did they solve the case? well have the s) 3 days of walkg
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>> live from kgo broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, on this wednesday. we have just a few bits of clouds in the sky to make the sunrise gorgeous. thank you for that and thank you for joining us. >> i am eric thomas, and hello to you, too. mike, what is going on? >> what was that? >> she said something i couldn't understand. >> what exactly are you thinking today? >> radar satellite shows it is quiet and picking up dry air and the lack of cloud cover. over the last three hours the wins are shifting and the land breeze is why we are warmer in
6:29 am
some areas where we usually would be cooler with livermore at 49, and upper 30's in novato and santa rosa, and elsewhere, low-to-mid 40's and warm spots are antioch and half moon bay and san francisco. the coast will not be so breezy with more sunshine and warmer and 57 to 60. around the bay, and also, inland, more sunshine and more warmth than yesterday and upper 50's to mid-60. sue? back to little more, happy wednesday, everyone, eastbound, 580 the reverse commute direction is still active with an emergency crew blocking the lane because of a car fire that now is out. slow traffic eastbound as you can see and westbound, also, slow, typically, but, also, maybe more so because of rubbernecking and a slow drive from antioch, and less than 20 minutes from concord, and the abc7 traffic app tomorrow begins
6:30 am
south of market here right here is where mascone center is, between 4th and third and you will find a lost traffic in the area tomorrow, anywhere south of market because of the big convention so, just a heads-up, and a look at toll plaza with metering lights are on and traffic is stacked to the macarthur maze and sluggish speeds 35 to 40 miles per hour on the upper deck into san francisco. >> 6:31. new developments from a story from san jose. a fiery object was thrown at a house this morning. we talked to san jose police and they say an accelerant was used to light the object before it was tosses to the house on glenwood avenue near cherry glenn way at 3:00 this morning. the porch caught fire and the front door of the house was burned but the rest of the home was not touched but the people were shaken. >> more developing news. san francisco police plan to test bones found during a search in the haight-ashbury neighborhood to see if they could be linked to a 30-year-old
6:31 am
missing persons case. amy joins us live on the kevin collins case. >> having detectives here stirred up old memories and emotions for the neighborhood and of course for kevin collins' family. look at this exclusive abc7 news. investigators were arriving at a home and police detectives from the cold case unit were looking for evidence regarding the disappearance of ten-year-old kevin collins who disappeared in 1984 when he was ten. his case attracted national attention and the sweet face appeared on milk cartons and on the cover of newsweek, and police dug up bones yesterday from a home but they believe they are animal bones. we spoke with kevin's mom. >> partly relief.
6:32 am
partly sorry it is not closure. especially for my children and my grandchildren. >> police were here all day looking for evidence. the primary "person of interest" did at one time live in this home and he now is dead. the police want to emphasize that the current residents are not suspected. they plan to send the bones to be tested at the state laboratory to make sure but they do think they belong to an animal. reporting live in san francisco for abc7 news. >> abc7 news reporter first broke the story. it is also part of an investigation by the abc7 news i-team. you can get updates on the case at and on twitter at abc7 news bay area. >> the family of a dublin girl who disappeared 24 years ago
6:33 am
today plan to hold a walk tonight as they have done in the past. she was 13 when she disappeared in 1989. she was walking home from school to ice skating lessons. the walk begins at 7:00 p.m. at wells middle school and proceeds to st. raymond catholic church. >> time for super bowl update. the parents of the coaches, the harbaughs, will have a pleat and greet. the brothers could have a family dinner tonight, and reaction from the niners c.e.o. and a look at what is going on weather-wise in new orleans and now back to abc7 news reporter, katie marzullo, it is raining cats and dogs where you are. >> sports weather. it seems like yesterday i was bragging about how awesome the weather was in new orleans and now we have a torrential
6:34 am
downpour with the water pooling across the street from the superdome. but the wind is dying down so the rain is coming straight down on us and not sideways. now, we will talk 49ers. the old timers, larry beil, say media day was small, a handful of reporters but now it is massive, and the fans get to go for only the second year in a row and they can it is in the fans and look down on the thousands of media members on the field talking with all of the players. 49er owner york is off to the side behind the barricade soaking it all if. it has been 18 years since they went to the super bowl the first time since york has been at the helm and we asked how it felt. >> it feels like i'm eight and i am back in miami for the first time at super bowl 23 and i feel like a little kid right now and
6:35 am
this is just where the 49ers are supposed to be at the end of the season. >> are you nervous? >> i feel okay. this should be a miserable week i figured and i wrote wake up at 3:00 a.m. and not be able to sleep, but i am trying to take it, my son is here with me, my wife, he just turned three months old, and he now sucks his thumb so our live is easier and you take it in and realize this is special and try to enjoy it because i have no power over the outcome on sunday. we have done what we have to do and now the players need to execute. >> i like how the son will be able to say he went to his first super bowl at the age of three months. the team right now is having a media availability at their hotel, the marriott, on can naturally and coach harbaugh talking, and quarterbacks cammer knick and all time and we are there bringing the reports in our evening newscast.
6:36 am
that is the news from new orleans for abc7. >> turn to abc7 right after the game on sunday and our team in new orleans and here in the bay area will be live on the air with coverage of how the niners are reacting here and in the big easy to our big super bowl win. >> we are thankful that the new jackets we got are waterproof. >> they are, indeed. >> katie looked comfortable. >> traffic and weather are next on the abc7 morning news. >> now, alabama authorities are in a tense stand off with a man holding a six-year old hostage. he is probably armed. he is probably armed. we will tell you wh) 3 days of g
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>> here is a live look at the superdome which is about 3' above sea level which is why you saw the pooling of the rain as it tries to evacuate to the mississippi river. now, back at home well look at the live doppler 7 hd, you can see the heavy rain is moving off to the east. katie will be stuck in rain for the better part of an hour or two or your friends that are down there. as far as the forecast, the transition to cooler and more dry weather, 57 in new orleans -- that is cool. 62 on friday. saturday and sunday, if you are headed down there, more sunshine and temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60's. have fun. sue? >> we go back to the livermore area, and this accident eastbound 580 before greenville now a sig-alert and c.h.p. saying it involves a fatality. two left lanes are blocked here in the eastbound direction and
6:40 am
westbound is now super slow out of the central valley and that is because of rubberneckers and you have a 40-minute drive from altamont pass to dublin/pleasanton. >> an accident blocking a lane at southbound 880 in fremont and we have brand new shot here of the san mateo bridge with the tail lights headed in the westbound direction toward haywood and busy but moving about 20 minutes from hayward to san mateo. eric and christian? >> happening now, the f.b.i. is on the scene of a hostage situation unfolding in alabama right now after a man took a six-year old boy hostage. police say the man grabbed the boy off a school bus yesterday after shooting and killing the driver near midland city. he now is holed up in a bunker underground in midland city. authorities have been communicating with the man through a pvc pipe and they sent medication to the boy through the pipe. the boy is believes unharmed at this point. neighbors say the man started
6:41 am
building the basement bunker when he moved in two years ago. >> gay or straight? who less stressed? we will tell you what a study says about men and women. >> trading is underway on wall street. the dow right now is up nine points and it has not crossed the 14,000 mark so we will watch that and go live to jane k
6:42 am
6:43 am
>> novato, oakland and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> on this wednesday, it is time to talk about temperatures. 60 in san francisco, half moon bay, and richmond for the cooler spots. and 64 in santa rosa and napa and fremont is 63 and oakland and san jose.
6:44 am
live doppler 7 hd and the other dopplers show it is dry. temperature near 50 in tahoe and 70 in southern california. >> john kerry will be sworn in today as the next secretary of state. the senate confirmed him yesterday to the post the on friday he will replace hillary clinton who is step down after four years. some is the first time since colin powell served under president george bush that a man will be sworn in as secretary of state. >> happening in a few minutes in washington, dc, former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords, and her husband, astronaut mark kelly, will testify at the first congressional hearing on gun violence since the president launched the gun control campaign. the head of the national rifle association is scheduled to testify, too, focusing on the question, what should america do about gun violence? >> a study suggests straight men are more stressed out than men who are gay or bisexual. the study from canada measures
6:45 am
whether gays and lesbians experienced less overall anxiety after coming out, straight were more stressed and depressed than their gay counterparts but the opposite was tree for women with lesbians more stressed than straight women. >> it is 6:46, big day ahead for facebook, and u.s. economic growth hits speed bump. for more we go to jane king live at the new york stock exchange. >> good morning, jane. >> good morning, the commerce department data coming out this morning is gross domestic product, the broadest measure we have showing the economy contracted slightly last quarter. the biggest reasons was the plunge in defense spending and the biggest in 40 years. some say consumer spending picked up. the number is not as bad as it seemed. investors are waiting to see what the federal government says
6:46 am
after a meeting of two days. we are higher with the dow starting lower, but, we have climbed back up into territory in the green there across the board and the bloomberg silicon valley index is up. amazon is share with a jump in holiday shopping and facebook is the one to watch today and tomorrow with analysts forecasting they will report a pickup in groups with results after the closing bell and watch for the company and what they have to say about mobile and showing they are monetizing mobile. in a few minutes research in motion will unveil the new blackberry 10, counting on the new operating system to reverse their failed slump, and this is a make-or-break kind of thing for research in motion which they hope to reverse sales. >> have a great day. >> starting out gorgeous and a warm up nice in the afternoon.
6:47 am
>> nice time to be outside and go for a jog. look at that. we have the most beautiful sunrises anywhere in the country. this morning, it is no exception. i thought it would not be so nice as yesterday because we had less high clouds but it is as pretty. this is from mount tamalpais. i am capturing those and will put them on facebook if you did not get a chance or you want to share at nicco. >> what i want to you notice is the clouds they are moving away from land. that is the land breeze or the offshore wind that is developing and bringing breezy conditions in the hills which is translated into the valleys. livermore at 49 because of the breeze. mainly upper 30's inland. and low-to-mid 40's around the bay shore but mountain view is
6:48 am
47 and san francisco is the same at 48. and half moon bay is the same. monterey bay has temperatured upper 30's to low 40's. today, more sunshine, and warmth today. clean air, we have it, that is the difference between this warm spell and the one we had a while ago, and this clean air and warmer weather will last into the weekend and next week we will chain the pattern with unsettled weather not a big strong but a couple of small strongs will bring much needed ring and sierra snow. all eyes are focused on the warming friend, 24 hour temperature change and santa rosa is one degree warmer at 64 and san francisco 6 degrees warm ir, and 63 degrees now up to seven degrees warmer than yesterday. high pressure is pushing the storm track further inland and keeping all the storms away from us, with the high clouds of
6:49 am
yesterday, and in the afternoon it will be off to the east and you can see them but we will have a brighter skate over the top over -- brighter sky but above average. how long will that last? here you go, all the way through at least on monday, and we may get a few upper 60's from from time to time, and tuesday, the cooler weather and the first chance of a slight shower. have a great day. sue? >> the big problem spot this morning is in livermore eastbound 580 a sig-alert issued by the c.h.p. and fatal accident right at north greenville two left lanes remain blocked while investigators are on the scene, and you will find eastbound slowing through livermore, westbound, a grind, due to rubber news conferenceers and you will find slow traffic from at least tracy 205 into dublin/pleasanton so, over 40 minutes for westbound 580
6:50 am
commute. southbound 880 at fremont an accident blocking a lane there, and a new accident east 580 in oakland at the 24 junction. san mateo bridge where the tail lights are bunching up as you move over to foster city, it is 20 minutes in hayward side of things looking good great foster city to hayward looking at 13-minute drive. kristen and eric? >> high fives to know before you
6:51 am
>> good morning, everyone, on abc7 morning news as we watch a deplorous sunrise looking from the embarcardero and the office buildings downtown. mike says we will have a warm up dead and a beautiful afternoon. >> as we hand things off to
6:52 am
"good morning america" here are five things to know before you go. one, investigators search the haight-ashbury neighborhood home in san francisco yesterday for the remains of kevin collins who disappeared 29 years ago. bones were discovered buried under a basement floor. the initial assessment is they are likely from an animal. >> number two, developing news from san jose right now. a fiery object was thrown at a house on glenwood avenue this morning. we just talked with san jose police and they say an accelerant was used to light the item before it was tossed and it ignited the porch and the front door was burned. >> electronic toll testing is underway on the bridge bridge and toll collectors are still accepting cash but they will bill drivers who cross without a fast track account. >> number four, former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords, is getting ready to testify today at first
6:53 am
congressional hearing since the president launched the gun control campaign. and you are looking live at the capitol. the c.e.o. of national rifle association will testify before the senate judiciary committee today, along with gifford husband, retired astronaut mark kelly. >> five, facebook will reveal quarterly earnings. the social network stock price has climbed recently, to $30. investors have been encouraged by the ability to advertise on mobile phones. >> it is super bowl week and the niners will practice. we will check with katie marzullo live at the superdome in new orleans getting wetter and wetter. >> happening right now we are getting soaked at the superdome but, also, happening right now, the 49ers have a media availability at their hotel back on canal streak and coach harbaugh and the rest of the team talking with media and my colleagues are there with the insight for you in our evening newscast.
6:54 am
later this morning, jack and jackie harbaugh will hold a news conference so a lot of interest there and what is called the harry bowl, something to look forward to. in this weather, not a sight seeing day and i am glad i brought you some information about magazine and the cemeteries because that will not happen today, we will try to head indoors. >> thank you, katie. >> smart move. final accweather forecast. mike? >> here at home, radar and satellite, look how dry it is, that looks good for a warming trend today that hangs around for the weekend. this morning, it is breezy, and that is why our temperatures are up in some areas and 37 to 47. it will be mild this afternoon, 57 in the coolest spot on the coast to 65 in the south bay and this evening, i don't think you will need the heavy coast, it
6:55 am
will be mild at 48 to 5 with with a lot of stars to see. >> back to the pay bridge, metering lights are on and traffic is stacked up to the macarthur maze and we have heavy traffic on the upper deck into san francisco. big problem with the sig-alert eastbound 580 in the livermore area before greenville and a fatal accident involving a car fire and several cars with two left lanes block. very slow in the westbound direction because of rubberneckers coming up and over the altamont pass. eastbound 580 at 24, first reports of an accident there, and if you are traveling from the central valley you may want to take bart this morning because of the accident, everything is running on time for mass transit. >> thank you, and we are headed to that sig-alert accident and we will bring you more on that. right now, though, abc morning news continues in 25 minutes. on beautyrest and posturepedic.
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breaking news right now. a dramatic hostage situation unfolding, as a man holds a 6-year-old boy in a bunker, after taking him from his school bus and shooting the driver.
6:59 am
>> need units to stage, just had a bus driver shot. >> the nightmare unfolding on police scanners. thortsdz now surrounding him in a tense standoff. also breaking, a major severe weather outbreak this hour. reports of tornadoes in at least two states. warnings and watches go up across the east. big ris riggs knocked over. a teenager electrocuted. sam is tracking it all. the mastermind unmasked. the man behind the elaborate hoax that duped football player. now speaking out to dr. phil about whether they had a deep romantic connection. the big question, was he in love with manti te'o? and it's the super bowl ad everyone is talking about. >> everything will be all right. >> now, a country responds overnight to the most controversial commercial ever put out before the super bowl. is it offensive? or just happy? ♪ come on get happy >> you're three minutes late. d
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